Our TTC Timeline

July 30, 2011- Married. No birth control or protection. Not trying, but not preventing. (I was secretly hoping for a honeymoon baby)
October 2011- Husband was accepted into the Army’s Aviation Program to fly helicopters.
November 2011- Husband leaves for Training.
December 2011- Husband is home for 2 weeks leave.
February 2012- 2 week visit while husband is waiting to start new training.
May 2012- Husband graduates Training and we are reunited!
I begin to keep track of my cycles. (always regular) Begin to actively ttc for 10 cycles.
March 2013- Visit the Dr. for a check up. She refers me to OBGYN under suspicion of endometriosis.
April 2013- Visit Specialist. Blood work ordered. Ultrasound shows large cyst on my right ovary. Endometriosis is suspected.
April 2013- Laproscopic surgery to remove cyst and mild endometriosis. Tubes are flushed and there are no blockages. D & C; uterine lining looks good.

May 2013- too frequent, Irregular cycles due to surgery. Day 21 Progesterone levels reveal low progesterone.

June 2013- Retest Progesterone levels. Still low.

July 2013- 1st round of Clomid results in ovulation. Ultrasound reveals large cyst on right ovary. Next month’s clomid cycle canceled.

August 2013- Natural Cycle. No temping, charting, OPK’s.

September 2013-Told by Dr. The cyst on right ovary is still present and as soon as we arrive to Korea to have it monitored.No temping, charting, OPK’s.

October 2013- Natural cycle. No temping, charting OPK’s. Made appointment with new Doctor in Korea to have cyst monitored, new referral for Specialist.
November 2013- Attend first appointment at a fertility hospital in Seoul, South Korea. Decide to begin pursuing IVF.

December 2013- Long protocol. First IVF revealed 20+ follicles, Doctor was very concerned about OHSS. Egg retrieval resulted in empty follicle syndrome. No eggs were collected.

January 2014- Natural Cycle, BFN

February 2014- Begin second round of IVF. 35 eggs retrieved! 22 fertilized, 20 frozen on Day 3!!
March 2014- Ultrasound shows my ovaries are still swollen from hyperstimulation. Waiting another month to proceed to FET.

March 2014- Natural Cycle, BFN

April 2014- Frozen embryo transfer 2 day 3 embryos with assisted hatching. 1 good quality and the other “medium”

May 2014- First ever BFP!!!

4 thoughts on “Our TTC Timeline

  1. Hey so glad you stopped by! Looking forward to following your journey! We got married just a few months before you and also avoided BC! And my husband went to training for 6 months last year (saw yours was gone for training) anyway… Prayers for you!!!

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