IVF expenses in Korea

Here is a list of our expenses related to our IVF experience in Korea. Since our bills are all in Korean currency, I’ll be rounding up some numbers so that its apporximately what the prices are in US dollar.
11/16 Initial Orientation Presentation: 0.00
11/29 First IVF appointment (Dr.consultation, Blood tests, ultrasound and 2 weeks worth of suprefact and needles): 470.00
12/20 Second IVF appointment (examination and procedure, gonal-f, ultrasound):345.00
(writing of perscriptions, perscriptions filled): 17.00
12/24 Third IVF appointment (Dr.consultation, medications & needles, ultrasound): 220.00
12/27 Fourth IVF appointment (Dr.consultation, medication & needles, ultrasound) 106.00
12/30 Egg retrieval (anesthetics, medications, ultrasound; we were not charged for the actual procedure due to the doctor being unable to retrieve any eggs): 444.00

Total Cost of IVF attempt 1 : 1585.00

IVF Attempt #2:
2/3 First Appointment (examination, ultrasound,Dr.consultation, medications (menopur) and needles for 5 days ): 313.00
2/10 Second IVF Appointment (Dr.Consultation, medications, needles, ultrasound for 3 days) 269.00
2/13 Third IVF Appointment (Dr.Consultation, ultrasound, bloodwork, Trigger shot Ovridel and Centrocide) 188.00
2/15 Egg Retrieval (local anesthetic, egg collection procedure, anti-biotics, IV meds, lab fees, accommodation for observation of emryos) 1894.00

FET Attempt #1
2/28 Cycle Day 1 ultrasound to check lining of uterus, ovaries, etc to see if we can begin to prepare for transfer. 33.00
4/7 Cycle Day 3 ultrasound to check lining of uterus, ovaries, etc. and prescription for estrogen pills: 55.00
4/21 Cycle Day 17 to check lining of uterus, ovaries, etc. prescription for estrogen and crinone for 18 days: 257.00

6 thoughts on “IVF expenses in Korea

      • Thanks for the reply! We are actually in Korea as we speak visiting her family and doing IVF at Maria! The place has been great so far, we’re doing the egg retrieval phase next week.

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