Here I am!

“The LORD called Samuel, and he answered, Here I am!” 1 Samuel 3:4

My last blog entry was almost a year and a half ago. So much has changed and I’m not sure where to begin. I thought of writing often and keep my fellow TTC sisters in my thoughts and prayers, but I just didn’t know how to put my feelings and thoughts into words. The aches and feels are different. I’m not in the throws of infertility or treatments or pregnancy, but I feel so deeply for others that are facing infertility or miscarriages.

Since our wonderful baby boy arrived in January, I felt the need to write, and connect as I feel there have been many things God has been teaching me and showing me and I just didn’t want to keep them in, but then my issue turned into time! I couldn’t put my sweet boy down! (I still can’t- even now when he’s almost 9 months!) But its past due that I start getting back into writing and connecting with the dear ladies I befriended so long (and not so long) ago!

Just today, I called out to our son, Levi. He always stops what he’s doing and smiles and crawls right to me. He had a tiny red ball he was chasing, but as soon as he heard me call him for lunch (he’ll never turn down a meal or time with Mom!) he glanced at his red ball, changed his direction and came straight for me. I felt pride and joy. I thought of Jesus, and how often he gently calls me to spend time with him and instead of a smile and immediate change of direction, I chase after the red ball, too distracted to hear or choosing to ignore the calls (for a tasty dinner, at that!) Motherhood is teaching me so many things. About God, myself, my husband. Similar to infertility, God is using it to draw me closer to himself, teaching me things that can only be possible except through the plan He has already mapped out for my life since the before I was ever thought of by anyone else.

An update on our family- We welcomed our wonderful baby boy- Levi Alexander Wales July 21, 2015. He is a constant source of JOY and an absolute blessing. We had hoped to attempt another FET in July, but my husbands work brought us back to the States for a couple months, and my period has still not returned in order for us to proceed with our remaining frozen embryos. As soon as my period returns, the Dr said we are going to be able to proceed with an FET. Alex and I are both in agreement that if we are unable to get pregnant again via our remaining low quality embryo babies, we will not attempt IVF again. Foster care is still very much on our hearts and a priority to our family when we return to the States.I’m so looking forward to catching up on here and following everyones journey.




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