An update from Cave Woman

I’ve been meaning to update for so long and just have been putting it off mainly because I don’t have anything new to report! So far I’m measuring right on track (9 weeks today!) and stopped all of my estrogen and progesterone medications last week when I “graduated” from the fertility clinic! (Yay!) I thought that I would be worried to stop the hormones so soon, but I was actually very at ease with that decision. I took it as a sign that things are progressing and I shouldn’t compare when others stop medication to my own stopping point.

I must admit, that lately, I’ve been feeling like a cave-woman. Not getting out much because of morning sickness and not too much seems to help, though I hate to even mention this because I don’t want to complain. It feels so odd to be at a different place in life- a place I’ve been praying for for so long that now that I’m actually here, I don’t quite feel like I belong yet! I don’t know how to blog like an expectant Mother. Part of me wants to follow trend and do a pregnancy tracker (when I have the energy and actually begin to show!) and another part of me just wants to avoid causing anyone any pain that I would rather skip it altogether. So I’m just not sure what to do. I think I’m probably a little over sensitive right now, but I hate that I could possibly be the cause of anyone to be reminded of what they don’t have yet.

My next appointment is in a couple of days and I am really looking forward to having my first appointment where hopefully baby will be delivered, although I will miss seeing my Nurse coordinator every week at the fertility clinic! I’m anxious to see the Hospital, meet the staff and see the rooms. A friend of mine who is also pregnant said they give ultrasounds at every appointment so I am just hoping that’s true and I will get to see baby fairly often! I will try and be better about updating, just know I’m following you all and cheering you on! 


9 thoughts on “An update from Cave Woman

  1. It’s so interesting the way they time stopping the progesterone and estrogen. They had me step down estrace from 2x a day to 1x a day and I quit altogether at 10 weeks. The progesterone I stepped down from 2x day to 1x day at 10 weeks and will quit entirely at 12 weeks. It seems it is different everywhere you go. Happy that you got to quit earlier! I look forward to June 21 when I am done with the meds!

  2. So nice to read the update! I stopped my progesterone and estrogen super early–after my 6w viability u/s. (They checked my levels then too.) I was anxious about it (especially since it seems like everyone else stays on way longer) but my doctor was sure it would be fine, and it has been! No complaints here about taking fewer meds!

  3. I know how you feel hon, but remember you deserve to enjoy this too. Praying all continues to go well at your next appointment. Can’t wait to hear how your next scan goes!

  4. Good hearing from you!!! Hope your appt goes well – and I vote you track your bump and share with us!!! It’s a joy to share (and see) You will be so glad you did after you have the baby and can look back on each week of God’s faithfulness! Hope you get to feeling better

  5. It’s so nice to see a new post from you! And I hope you’ll decide to keep track of your pregnancy on your blog… I’d love to follow along. It’s such a wonderful testimony of God’s miracles! I’m thrilled for you!!! Praying every day for you and for your little one!

  6. You should definitely keep track of your pregnancy, although I totally understand being too tired to do it, but when you start feeling better we’d all love to read about your journey. I think I can speak for most of us still on the other side of waiting, that if we aren’t having a good day, we just stay away from the pregnancy blogs for that day, and come back by when we are feeling better. For me, I have favorite blogs not because of the content of the blog, but because of the person and how I connect to them. So even though your journey is changing from my own, I still care about you and enjoy reading about your life 🙂 I hope that helps – you are such an awesome girl and I’m so happy for you.

  7. So happy for you, well, not for the morning sickness, but for moving beyond the progesterone and estradiol. Yeah! And by all means, add the tracker! This is your pregnancy, enjoy it. I understand not wanting to offend others, but I’d hope all of us on here understand. And if it’s too painful, readers can decide to skip your posts for a bit. Again though, congrats!

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