Where My Heart is this Mother’s Day


This weekend will be my first to get to celebrate Mother’s Day with the affirmation of two pink lines that are a symbol of what is to hopefully become a dream come true, but my heart is heavy this week thinking of those who don’t have the child they have prayed and yearned for for much longer than I ever have. For the Mothers who have lost, or are on the adoption waiting list, for those who ache for the child they have never met, for those that have experienced failed attempts at infertility treatments, for those who have heard the crushing news that it is unlikely they will ever conceive, for those who have been told to “wait” when everyone else has been given the “go ahead”. My heart hurts for those who have lost their Mothers, for the countless children waiting and aching for just one chance to experience the unconditional love of a Mother but have been rejected and forgotten. For the Mother who just gave her baby up and is going about her day as usual, but on the inside aching that no one but God and the Hospital staff will ever know that she had to give up being celebrated this day.

This day brings many Mothers joy, yes, but it also stings to the deepest core for many. If the thought of your husband squeezing your hand in Church because he is the only one to recognize your pain while other Mother’s joys are recognized with a flower is just too much, it ok to not attend! Spend the day with Him and know that you are not forgotten or alone and you are not a failure. No matter what your circumstance is that brings hurt instead of joy on this day, you are brave for trying when the prospects are bleak, for loving still when it hurts so bad, dreaming despite the many set-backs, praying when all that comes are tears. The journey each of us is on is unique, with no guarantees that your path will take you to your intended destination, but through it all, God is with us, carrying us when we tell Him we can no longer stand, recording each tear that falls. He loves and cares for us, His plans are good and He will use your story for His purpose and glory and it will be beautiful. My heart hurts for all of those who hurt this day and I wish I could give you all a flower of your own because, like so many others have pointed out, it’s not merely giving birth that makes the Mother.

10 thoughts on “Where My Heart is this Mother’s Day

  1. Happy Mother’s Day 🙂 It was such a sad for us…Hopefully one day it will be our turn too…

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