Attitude of Gratitude



Our Frozen Embryo Transfer (FET) is all set for this Friday- only 3 days away!! I went into the appointment preparing myself for the possibility of a cancellation for some reason or another, since so far it has been impossible to predict how things will go, but everything is on track and set! I am really a ball of emotions; I’m nervous, excited, anxious and it changes from moment to moment. I have really been trying to just be grateful for what I have right now, to be able to try and expand our family through IVF is something I never thought possible or that I would have to do- but I am so grateful for that we are here, a place we’ve never been before, 3 days away from transferring 2 of our embryo babies back to me(where they belong!). We had our first round of IVF back in December, and its now April, so it just feels unreal to be closer than we ever have been to pregnancy!

Up until this point, I have no idea if we have ever been able to have our egg and sperm meet and try and implant so I have been putting more effort than I ever have into trying to take my daily pre-natal vitamin, and I’ll also be eating extra healthy the next couple of weeks, not that our success is determined by any of these extra efforts, but I want to give our embryos the absolute best chances! If you have any tips for what you did to prepare your body and mind for your FET, or nutrition advice in general- I’m all ears! 

I’m also on estrogen pills and daily crinone progesterone suppositories and so far so good! I remember last year about this time I was on progesterone and it really effected me- I had all the symptoms of pregnancy without actually being pregnant so I’m hoping and praying my body will respond very well (even if it means being uncomfortable or sick or anything!) so that my body will be ready and willing to welcome our little babies! I keep reminding myself that God likes to use underdogs (which is what our little embryos are right now) and that if he can give Sarah a baby at 90, surely a lower grade quality embryo thriving for me at 26 is nothing to him! 


14 thoughts on “Attitude of Gratitude

  1. I am praying like no one’s business, honey! Please let this go perfectly and make sure to take care of yourself! To hear that this FET was the ONE would make me so very incredibly happy!! You are undoubtedly going to be one of the best moms I will ever know =)

  2. I’m not sure if your FET is today or tomorrow (time difference) but I will be praying for you and your embabies! I pray this is God’s perfect timing for you, that you find peace and relaxation, and that those two embryos continue to grow inside of you into two beautiful and healthy take home babies!!

    Not sure if your doctors told you this, but try to avoid your core body temperature rising….so no working out and no hot baths. One thing I did during our FET, which I felt kind of silly doing, but I talked to our embryo. I told the embryo that I was his mama and that he better listen to me and latch on good. Silly, I know, but it made me feel better.

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