The Best Therapy Money Can’t Buy


One of my dreams has always been to work in an orphanage with little ones and just love on them adopt all orphans as my own:-) I have such a soft spot for orphans and children. When I was in high school, my parents had a missionary stay at our home for about a week whose family ran and owned an orphanage in India, I was mesmerized with the stories he would tell and since those days I have tucked away in my heart a deep longing to go help and have never been the same.

When I found out that Korea had orphanages, I had to find a way to volunteer! After a couple months, I finally got in contact with a lady who goes regularly to a couple of different orphanages. One is in Seoul; a baby’s home, and the other is right in the city I live which is for orphans ages 2-4. Today I had the sweetest day ever when I went to the Babies Home in Seoul. I can’t even tell you how sweet, I am so mesmerized by these precious babies I got to hold, love and feed today. I feel like getting to hold and love on these sweet babies is the best therapy my heart and soul has ever been granted!

Naturally, I have tried to find out everything I can about adopting these orphans. I hate that they don’t have a family. The orphanage does give them the best care they possibly can, but the orphanage was probably a lot how you would imagine. About 4 staff to about 60 babies, so while they are fed from a propped up bottle, changed and burped, there is no time for the staff to really bond or hold the babies for any longer than a minute or two. The ages of the babies are 1 week to a few months, and love to be held so much (probably not as much as I loved holding them though!) In Korea, the government is making it nearly impossible for any one who is not Korean to adopt, which I understand them wanting to keep the children in their home country, but here’s where it gets tricky, Koreans think its shameful to adopt a child. If they do adopt (and it is just about as expensive for them in Korea as it is for Americans adopting domestically in the US) they keep that the baby is adopted a secret. There is a whole economy of companies here that sell fake baby “bumps” so when the families do end up with an adopted baby, no one knows its not biological. 

For the children that do not end up getting adopted, they are sent to Children’s Homes or sometimes foster homes where their chance for adoption is nearly impossible, especially for children with any type of disfigurement or developmental delays. Something else worth noting is that the little boys are the children no one will adopt, if they are to adopt at all, it’s usually an infant girl. In the children’s home I will be visiting tomorrow there is a bi-racial little girl (who is considered un-adoptable by Korean standard because she is half black, half Korean) and a little girl with down syndrome and the rest are rambunctious, rowdy little boys! (my favorite!) These older children can be adopted by American families that meet the requirements (you have to meet their income, marriage and age requirements) and it usually takes an average of 2.5 years for the adoption to be completed, but it is possible! I saw a man just today with his 4 year old daughter he was taking home this week! It has taken him and his wife almost 3 years to get her, but I could tell by the love in his eyes for his little girl that it was all worth it!

I hope you can join me in praying for these sweet, precious little ones, their birth parents and their future adoptive families who will have to fight for them. I can’t describe how beautiful and perfect each and every one of them is, and I couldn’t help thinking about their birth parents and what they have been through, especially when I held and fed a little baby girl who was 1 week old with the sweetest dimples you’ve ever laid eyes on, little dainty pink lips and a head full of dark hair, such a gift to my heart that I can’t imagine the pain her mother is going through right now with empty arms. 



2 thoughts on “The Best Therapy Money Can’t Buy

  1. You are such a blessing to these precious ones and I’m so glad you are allowing God to use you while you are there to love on His children. Maybe you should bring one home with ya…? hehe!

  2. It is so wonderful that you are able to open your heart to these little ones… God is using you to spread His love in so many ways, and I’m so glad you are sharing your story on your blog! I will be praying with you for these children.

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