The Day before Egg Retrieval!

Well last night was my trigger shots (there were 2 for me) and I just absolutely cannot believe that tomorrow is our egg retrieval already! Since my last post I have had 3 appointments with our doctor. On Christmas Eve, I was given the last of the gonal-f to take through Christmas Day and another shot (Am I a bad patient if I don’t remember the name of it? It was in Korean and had to be mixed) then on the 27th I had my last ultrasound. The doctor is very concerned about OHSS because she said it looks like I will have 20, maybe even 30 eggs to be retrieved. She let me know she is planning on freezing them all and proceeding with a FET (frozen embryo transfer) for the end of January. I was prepared for this already from what I have read from others who have done IVF and been overstimulated, but I was still hoping for a fresh transfer. Although I think this will give me another month to prepare for baby, and it was looking like Alex wouldn’t be able to get off work to be there for the transfer had we been able to do a fresh transfer so maybe its a blessing in disguise?
The doctor and nurse let me know I will be in pain this weekend (so far no pain, just a little uncomfortable) because of the size of my ovaries. From what Ive read, after the egg retrieval is when people have pain from OHSS. As nice as the nurse is at the clinic, there is still a little bit of a language barrier. She gave me the option of local or general asthesia and while I was at the clinic, I told her I would like local because for some reason I wanted to be able to remember the moment and thought I could look back at my retrieval with fond memories, remembering the time when my eggs were extracted from my body? I don’t know why I thought it would be sweet. The nurse let me know it could be very painful because I have so many eggs to extract, but I said I could handle the pain. On my train ride home, I got to thinking why would I want to remember pain? I’m unsure exactly how painful it will be because they use the term “painful” for when things are uncomfortable also, so not knowing the level of pain I would be in made me change my mind and call her back to let her know I want less pain! So general asthetic it is! I’m curious what others experiences have been with choosing either local or general anesthsia? Anyone have recommendations?
As far as I can tell, my emotions have been pretty level(although my husband might be able to answer this more accurately). A couple of the days I was taking the gonal-f I was super tired and felt like Rip Van Winkle! I had no energy, and could have slept for a hundered years, but that has been the only side effect this far and for that I am thankful! I am really in awe at how quickly everything has moved since we decided to pursue IVF. I am so hopeful that God will open my womb and bless us with children this way, but I know that even if we aren’t successful, His plans are good for us. We are confident that we will be blessed with a children whether it be soon or years from now, through IVF, adoption, foster care or another way(I’m praying we will be able to have children through all of these avenues!). All we can do is put our trust in the Lord who is so worthy, who performs miracles!
“What god is so great as our God? You are the God who performs miracles” Psalm 77:13,14a


5 thoughts on “The Day before Egg Retrieval!

  1. saying prayers for you!! I was asleep during the retrieval. It felt like I had slept for hours but apparently I “talked” throughout the whole thing. haha. The doctor came in afterwards to check on me and told my husband that I talked about how I used to have an elliptical and needed to do it again. Then I said, “alright you guys. I’m going to go fool around now.” and then I didn’t say another word. hahhahaha. I am afraid I might have said more but the doctor didn’t want to reveal everything.

    Remember…don’t drink water but v8 juice and broth from chicken noodle soup. Message me with ANY questions. Don’t try to walk around or stand up much for the first 2 or 3 days. love ya!

  2. During my retrieval I was awake the entire time. I had a local anesthetic. They warned me it would be painful but it wasn’t at all. I didn’t feel anything. I just felt like I was having a pap smear done except without the cramping of one. It was neat to watch because they have a large TV in front of the bed I was lying on so I could see the whole thing. Afterwards though is when the pain hit. It’s once I got home and my follicles started to fill that I was in extreme pain. I couldn’t sit, stand, or lie down without being in pain. And I thought to myself “nevermind the retrieval, they should have warned me of the pain after!!” I ended up having to go back to the clinic because the T3s were doing nothing for my pain and I was having a horrible time trying to pee! They gave me oxycoden for the pain and that helped tremendously. I had a mild case of OHSS…I can’t even imagine the pain and discomfort other women have with more severe cases. They still did a transfer but in hindsight, they probably should have waited. I wish you nothing but positive thoughts!! What an exciting time! Lots of prayers your way!!

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