A Few Days Delay

Tuesday was the day of my appointment to begin the next phase of the IVF process (or the very beginning, whichever way you look at it) I was prepared to begin the stimulating medication and bloodwork, but was delayed. My period was 3 days late this month. Al and I kept hoping excitedly that maybe we were pregnant naturally, but I was experiencing cramps that were fairly intense and just knew it was coming. It doesn’t matter the physical signs I get leading up to actually starting my period, each month I have that hope that it will happen through a natural miracle.  Since we had set the appointment up for what we predicted to be day 3 of my cycle, and I hadn’t started my period yet, I decided to go anyway, thinking I would just start on my way there and wasn’t sure if we could move forward or not. It would also be my first time navigating the taxis, bus and train stations alone so I decided that even if we weren’t able to start the stimulation it would be good practive for me to find my way by myself. I arrived without a hitch (although there was a Union Railroad strike so the train rides were not running as frequently, but I had left over an hour earlier than I needed to get there) and still no period yet. I had already taken 2 pregnancy tests at home to make sure, both negative. I was told by the sweet Korean nurse who’s English was very soft spoken that today I needed to take a pregnancy test and I think she described to me that the medication may be painful that we would start today, but I couldn’t fully understand. She asked me what day of my period I was on and I let her know I hadn’t started yet, but I was confident I would start that day. She had originally planned to also do bloodwork but decided I should talk to the doctor first.

I was ushered into the doctors office and we went over the results of my last blood work. Everything looked good, except my estrogen levels were unusually high. She also mentioned I am a very likely candidate for ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome (OHSS) since my ovarian reserve was very high, I am young and have a low BMI. She went over the procedure and risks again, gave me the paperwork to take home and sign and we rescheduled my appointment to Friday.

As soon as I got off the subway and to make my way to the train station, I started my period. I think it was good for me to make the trip by myself for practice, but I was also happy that the next time I would be visiting, we would be starting the stimulating meds (I’m not sure which ones yet) and Alex would be able to be there! This will push our egg retrieval back to December 30th or 31st. Since I am a very likely candidate for OHSS, my doctor let me know very bluntly she thinks it will probably happen to me, which would mean a delay in our transfer for a month or more. I initially started to worry about the pain of OHSS and more waiting. Since we’re over 2 hours from the fertility clinic and about 25 minutes away to the nearest Emergency room, and 40 minutes away from the nearest hospital (which isn’t English) I started to worry about medical care, but as soon as I stopped googling and opened my Bible, I had much more calm and peace. Its useless to worry about something that might not even happen. I also decided that I now know better how to pray for the procedure and protection from the many things that could go wrong. After all, there are already so many things that have been so beautifully orchestrated in our being able to pursue IVF that I needed to place my trust in the One who has control.

The snow here is falling so softly here, it’s so beautiful. I’m taking time to enjoy my last day of just having to take suprefact and trying to prepare for the next step- stimulating meds tomorrow! So far, I have not been advised about a change in my diet. I love coffee so much, but have read multiple places that it is recommened to not drink caffeine while doing IVF. I’ve tried to cut back to less than a cup, but am wondering if it would be best to cut it out completely (bring on the headaches?) What would you reccommend? Any advice is greatly appreciated!


8 thoughts on “A Few Days Delay

  1. Glad to see your update girl!! Trusting the Lord with your upcoming cycle!!! As far as caffeine, I just gave up cold turkey, but that is more my personality! Maybe just try cutting back a little bit each day!!! Thinking about you. Keep us updated!

  2. I have lots of friends that drank caffiene while doing IVF and they didn’t have any issues. I would just seek God and ask Him what He thinks. He knows each of our bodies and you will have a “gut feeling” on whether or not you should cut it out. Also, I got OHSS :/ well, not “technically” because I had gained 9.5 pounds of fluid right after my retrieval and they only admit you once you gain 10. whew! I missed the cut off by .5 lbs. This is my recommendation (what the nurses told me AFTER I told them I had hyperstimulation). Drink Gatorade and V* juice. And lots of it. DO NOT DRINK WATER because you need something with LOTS of sodium. Second, drink the broth from the chicken soup (once again for sodium) and do not try to eat solid foods for at least a couple of days. Just stick to gatorade, v8 juice, and chicken broth 🙂 Once I started doing that, the fluid decreased within two or three days. I was miserable tho. I posted a picture of my protruding belly in “our story”. http://waitingforbabybird.com/our-story/

    I once had a flat tummy and you can see that i looked almost 6 months prego. worst.experience.ever. I remember being in so much pain and discomfort that I told my husband on our way home from the hospital that I would never do it again. needless to say, after my miscarriage I told him i would do it again. lol! But God had other plans. I’m already praying that against you now. Devil, you will leave her alone!!

    • Thank you so much for the tips, prayers and advice Elisha! I hate that you had to be in so much pain. When do you recommend starting to drink the Gatorade and V8? I love salt a little too much so hearing that I need to have more of it makes me happy lol

  3. I agree with Elisha about OHSS being one of the worst, most painful experiences ever. Elisha is right about the V8 juice and Gatorade. And my doctor also recommended that I eat as much protein as possible. You will not want to eat or drink anything, because your tummy will be so full and swollen you will feel like you are going to burst if you eat or drink!

    But I will also say that, now that we’re pregnant, the pain and frustration and heartache of each fertility treatment and each speed bump along the way… all of that truly does begin to fade away. I would do it all again if I needed to, hyperstimulation, weight gain, shots, and all! Still praying for you, and I am so excited for you.

  4. Isn’t it just amazing the peace that comes from reading the bible? I wish I could go back in time and just put the bible in my hands every time that I started to worry and feel anxious. I’m praying for you and looking forward to hearing good news from you!!!

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