Our first IVF appointment

Al and I had our first IVF appointment at Maria Fertility Hospital in Seoul the day after Thanksgiving (or if youre anywhere in America, our appointment was on Thanksgiving Day in the States!)  We felt nervous and really excited to be able to go to this first appointment together. We had a few ideas about how it would go, but honestly we really didn’t know how slowly or quickly things would progress and knew it could depend on many different factors. Surprisingly, I was not anxious at all and had complete peace and trust in God’s timing, just hoping for the best and expecting many months of waiting and preparation. Many prayers were petitioned to God regarding this day and the procedure in general. For one, I had been praying that my cyst would be either healed or non-estrogen producing so that we could move forward with treatments . Second, we were both hoping and dared to say out loud that we hoped we would be able to start right away. We both agreed that this was very unlikely, and thought maybe by January or February we would be able to begin, but we still secretly hoped.

The train and subway rides all went smoothly and surprisingly the korean subway system is very efficient and safe. We were told to bring our marriage lisence and all my medical records. When we arrived we were given an English speaking escort to guide us along the way. I filled out a 3 page packet of medical history that asked for the results of all the different tests Ive had (hormones, HSG, D&C, etc.) any medications Im on, etc. I was surprised at how basic it all was. It maybe took 15 minutes. Afterwards they had me take a pregnancy test (oh how I have come to despise seeing that lonely pink line!) I knew what the result would be since I was only on day 15 of my cycle and then Al and I waited for maybe 5 minutes and then were ushered in to see the doctor.

She spoke perfect English and had been the doctor who gave the presentation at the orientation we attened a couple of weeks before. She briefly looked at the paperwork and wanted to make sure we didn’t want to attempt a few IUI’s before we went to IVF ( we had already decided not tosince our previous doctor advised it would not be beneficial for us, as well as it is almost as expensive as IVF here) then it was time for the ultrasound. I have to let you all know that I was given a pink striped skirt and pink fuzzy slippers to put on; its the little things that sometimes make a big difference and I was so happy not to have to cover myself with an ugly sheet. Moddest is hottest 😉 It was the quickest ultrasound I have ever experienced. She said I had ovulated from my left side and that my cyst was completely gone, she even went on to say she didn’t think I had even had a cyst (which I am very skeptical to believe) that was such an answer to prayer! No cyst!

Afterwards, she went over the schedule for our IVF cycle. I would begin Suprefact on the 3rd until the 16th, then come in on the 17th for my next exam,and to begin the stimulating then around the 27th will be our egg retrieval! Another answer to prayer! We were in shock at how quickly everything moved! I then had 3 viles of blood quickly drawn, were given the suprefact, alcohol swabs and needles, and a quick tutorial of how and where to poke myself, paid for the appointment and were back on the subway heading home! This clinic is a well oiled machine! Total time spent in the clinic was a little less than an hour and a half.

Since Alex is away during the week right now, I was going to have to give myself the shots, my hands were sweaty just thinking about it, but because of weather, his flying was cancelled and he has been able to give me my shots in the morning! Another answered prayer! That man is a professional shot-giver, I didn’t even feel a poke and feel so much better about having to give myself the shots now that I know how painless it can be! I never thought I would be thanking God for a needle in the stomach, but all day yesterday I was thanking Him for His goodness and opening the opportunity for us to be able to pursue IVF and hopefully, maybe have our own baby Wales. 🙂 We are so thankful!


12 thoughts on “Our first IVF appointment

  1. Love this update Amy!!! So sweet to see you recognize the Lord in all aspects of the day, from the transportation to the shots! Excited for the journey that you are on and can’t wait to celebrate when you get your BFP!!! xo

  2. Wow! God’s hand really is so evident in every step of your journey. I am so, so, so excited for you and Alex! Praying for both of you, and for your little one! Can’t wait for more updates!

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