Praise and Thanksgiving

“When our hearts and lives are filled with praise and thanksgiving, worry is a weed that will die from lack of attention. Why? Because praise acknowledges the very character of God while thanksgiving recognizes the work of Hid hand. Together, praise and thanksgiving are powerful weapons against worry and important tools to help us grow.” – Mary Southerland

Ah! I just loved this when I read it! This week I have really been trying to place my focus on praise and thanksgiving to God. Praise and meditation on who he is, his character, his attributes- all are good. I have been putting the above theory into test and will say that it worked until I started focusing on myself and slowly let worry creep into my thoughts. Worry has become a habit of mine when my cycle day turns back to day one. I worry I wont have children. Its a very scary thought for me and I dwelling on my fear leads to worry. The Bible says to “cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you” ( 1 Peter 5:7) and to “cast your cares on the Lord and He will sustain you” (Psalms 55:22) and then “dont’t worry about tomorrow, tomorrow will care for itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.” (Matthew 6:34) So in order to not worry, I needed to put my focus onto something other than myself. Something that I can depend on; the character and attributes of God. As soon as I focus on the goodness of God, the easier it is to cast my anxiety in Him because as soon as I focus on God, I have hope. Hope that he has good plans for me. Hope that doesn’t depend on whether I am able to have children or not.

Its really simple when I think about it, living it out every moment, is more complicated because I stumble and fail and get distracted by other things. When I refocus, and place importance on praise and thanksgiving to God, my worries fade and pale in comparison to the magnificent hope He provides me!

Our first appointment at the Infertility Hospital is tomorrow and I am really excited and thankful we have this opportunity! My hands are already sweaty and my heart might be beating a little faster just thinking about it! I am coveting all of your prayers that we would be wise and have a continued peace that this is the right route for us, and if not, that we would have a clear understanding and unwavering obedience to God as to which direction we should pursue.


7 thoughts on “Praise and Thanksgiving

  1. What a great quote!! I love this reminder, when we praise the Lord, there is no room for worry. And, worry and fear are ALWAYS from the enemy, so just rebuke them. Praying for your appt!!!

    • Ah! Yes! I am learning that just because I tackle a struggle one day, doesn’t mean I don’t have to put any effort in the next day with the same (or different) issue! Its a daily dependence on God to carry me through!! Thanks for your encouragement friend!

  2. I loved this post! There were many times in the Bible (Old Testament) where they were going into battle but didn’t know what to do…there was no hope they could win but instead of worrying they turned their focus to God and praised Him…in the end, the battles were always won 🙂 Praise and worship really do make a difference in our lives and in the battles we face.

  3. I heard a simulcast by Beth Moore in which she talked about the great “forsake and take.” It’s not enough to just “forsake” or “put off” something of this world (aka worrying) …we must “take” or “put on” something of God (aka praise & thanksgiving) to see true change and growth in our life. Thank you for that reminder today…I needed to hear it!

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