Asking for “God- sized requests”

A couple of my most favorite authors are Eric and Leslie Ludy. “When God Writes Your Love Story” may ring a bell, and when I was in my teen years, I read every book of theirs I could get my hands on! I thought their view on marriage, and waiting for God to write our love stories instead of trying to take things into our own hands was inspiring and I believe that my marriage today is one of my richest blessings! Now that I am older, I have re-discovered that they not only have books, but a whole ministry! Eric Ludy is so passionate about the Lord and I learn so much listening to his sermons! If you have never read “Wrestling Prayer” I highly, highly reccommend it!

This sermon gives just a glimpse of what that book is about- praying and believing “God-sized prayers.” If you want a deeper understaning on the power of prayer, this sermon is for you! Here is a little summary of what I learned:

There are two ways we ask: 1. selfishly 2. In accordance with God’s will.

When I ask God for a request, a couple things are essential to keep in mind: 1. Faith that God is sure to answer and delights to answer our requests. 2. God sized requests-audacious requests that make God smile and pray in accordance to who HE is.

Eric Ludy uses the example of Elisha asking Elijah for a double portion of his spirit. This was a BIG request, nevertheless, it was granted, and if you count the miracles in Elijah and Elisha’s life, Elisha has twice the amount as Elijah bar one. Then, after Elisha had died, and was buried, a man touched his bones and one last miracle occured! DOUBLE the miracles as Elijah, just as he requested!!

 I wouldn’t have the foresight to ask for a double portion, believing it to be too much. A double portion would be beyond my scope of imagination! To ask for a double portion of the man who prayed and fire came down from heaven, the man who brought dead back to life, I would think that that was more than enough! But God delighted in Elisha’s request because it was audacious.

I think its time for me to ask, and believe that even today, that double portion is available to me and what I pray! For nothing is impossible for God!







6 thoughts on “Asking for “God- sized requests”

  1. I would love to check this out. That has been a struggle of mine…when we do pray big prayers, but God doesn’t answer them, how to know when what we ask is according to His will…do they address that? Thanks for sharing!

  2. I can’t wait to take a listen! And speaking of authors, I am on the second book in the Mark of the Lion series, thanks to your recommendation. I’ve stayed up way past my bedtime reading it the past few nights!

  3. This touches my heart! Something I’m guilty of is praying “if it be Your will, God…” which recently was brought to my attention to be a sort of “out” for God. I need to pray more God-sized prayers and stop letting doubt into my prayers. Faith should have no room for doubt, especially in conversation with God. Thanks for posting this!

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