City of Fulfilment

So Sorry for my lack of posts as of late! Last week my awesome husband graduated flight school and we are now back home in Oregon spedning time with our loved ones before we head to Korea for the next couple of years!
While we have been home, it has been our pleasure to casually bring up that when we return home to the US next, we will most likely have an addition or two via adoption. We have sought out two couples who we know have been through the adoption process and have spoken to one of our closest friends about his experience actually being the adopted child. I love, love, love hearing stories about adoption, but I have also found that when people know you have been experiencing difficulty trying to become pregnant, they open up about their own stories about their fertility!
In all honestly, I would have preferred to keep quiet about having trouble having children, but having surgery kind of opened that can of worms, but I am glad it has! I read the statisitcs about how 30% of couples after trying 1 month get pregnant, 60% after 6 months and 90% after a year, so it seems like it is extremely rare for anyone to go through infertility, but then in conversation, I hear many stories from the most unsuspecting couples that they too had trouble starting a family. My sister in law has 3 of the most fun, adorable children I have ever met (although I might be a little biased!) and they are all 1-2 years apart, so from the outside looking in, it would seem that she had no trouble getting pregnant what so ever. Wrong! It took her a year and a half to get pregnant with her first child! Another one of our family friends we spoke to over the weekend, took 2 1/2 years to conceive their first, 5 for their second and another 2 years for their third!
Although talking about our troubles conceiving can be uncomfortable, I feel so encouraged that despite what the statistics say, we’re not alone, and there is hope even when it appears like everyone else’s fertility comes easy and things are not always what they appear.
One of my absolute all time favorite authors is L.M. Montgomery, most know for her “Anne of Green Gables” series. She wrote this about following our dreams not matter what distractions and uphill battles we must face and there are many distractions that will deter us from our end goal, but we must not let them and stay the course! She says:
“True, most true! We must follow our ‘airy voices,’ follow them through bitter suffering and discouragement and darkness, through doubt and disbelief, through valleys of humiliation and over delectable hills where sweet things would lure us from our quest, ever and always must we follow, if we would reach the ‘far-off divine event’ and look out thence to the aerial spires of our City of Fulfilment.”
For me, not speaking with others and feeling that fertility just comes easy to everyone else has been a distraction and discouragement to me. Talking with others has really helped me get back on course, and feel like I am not alone; I cannot lose sight of my “City of Fulfilment” where I am that happy mother of children at home!


One thought on “City of Fulfilment

  1. I am so excited for you guys to be starting the adoption process… you are such a special person!!! I will be praying specifically for your move, for the adoption, and for your future children!

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